Cristina  Kaiser

Cristina Kaiser

Division Open
DOB 1996-04-02
Hand Right handed
Height 5'6"
Bio How did I get introduced to the sport?

I first got introduced to the sport about 2 years ago from a friend playing a tournament. I went to go watch the tournament and first thought it was very interesting especially coming from a tennis background. While I was watching I met a few of the other players and they told me I should give it a go which I did and at first it was tough but fell in love after a few times playing. Ever since that day I haven’t left this amazing sport or Venice.

Why did you fall in love with the sport?
The first reason why I fell in love with this sport was from the paddle community. It made me feel like home right away. I was fairly new to Venice and playing this sport really connected me right away with everyone which made me play more often. When I stopped playing tennis I thought I wouldn’t pick up a racket again until I held a paddle in my hand and I felt that rush again to compete and be active again in a sport. I fell in love with the competition, practicing, tournaments and connecting with different players in this sport.

What are your plans for the sport?
My plans for this sport would be able to get it world wide and compete in different regions and countries. I hope one day we could also have a Venice team and travel together internationally.

A little about my history.

I grew up in Philadelphia, and played competitive tennis until college at Marshall University. After two years of college I lived in Spain for almost two years competing and teaching kids tennis and English. I am not sure what my long term goal is yet but I know the best of the best will happen and I can’t wait to see what the future has in hold!