Join Our Paddle Class:

Live Ball with Coach Becca – Mondays at 7:45 a.m.

Cardio with Coach Jens – Wednesdays at 7:30 a.m.


To book a private or group lesson please email [email protected]

Classes Available in all locations

Cardio Paddle

$ 30

Per Hour

A fun Hour of cardio based around paddle tennis with drills and exercise. Improve your game and have fun while staying in shape.


$ 30

Per Person (5 and 10 class package available)

Monday liveball , will be on one court with 6-8 players.

Begins with a 5-10 min intro lesson. Followed by Point specific games and liveball.

TOUR Skills - Coming Soon

$ 50

Per Person (5 and 10 class package available)

Tour skills doubles clinic, 90min of doubles specific-strategy and instruction. Will be focused on optimizing strategies/adjustments for the round robin format. Minimum 4 players per group with a maximum of 6. For A2 level and above.


Daniel Wulff

Head Pro
Ranked #1 Player in the World
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Jens Sweaney

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Christian Carrillo

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Rebecca Weissman

Ranked #1 Female Player in the World
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Fernando Sartorius

Fitness Coach
Hall of Fame Class of '22
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Andrea Carrano

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