Daniel  Wulff

Daniel Wulff a.k.a. Wulffe

Division Open
DOB 1991-10-30
Hand Right handed
Height 5'10"
Bio Former Junior Olympic Tennis player, experience in 4 racket / paddle sports.
Build communities makes life better.
Phrase: Hacer el bien, sin mirar a quién.

Q & A with Founder Daniel Wulff

About us:

-How did I get introduce to the sport?

In 2017, I was working as the Tennis head pro at the Ritz Carlton in Marina del Rey and a client that also is a very special person from the paddle community dragged me to the Venice courts, I tried it and never stop coming since.

-Why did you fall in love with the sport?

There are many factors as an ex-tennis player that you love instantly like the quickness, the power, the accuracy, being close to your opponent, etc. but the main thing was how some of the players with no tennis background where out there playing hard and playing better than me with their non-good looking strokes. That was the magic that got me because from then you are out of the closed tennis culture and exposed to a whole different demographic of players, makes it cool, makes it interesting…Right away, I wanted to be part of the mix.

-Why are we partners?

We met a regular morning in Venice Beach, I was playing on court 5 and Andrea was on court 4, we had a fun short chat through the fence and we became buddies on and off court.
With time we built a strong friendship that became key to start talking about how could we complement each other and become a team to elevate the sport locally and with the main idea of keeping our courts (primarily in Los Angeles) busy with inclusive and fun activities.
It’s all inspired by love, fun and giving back to a happy place for both of us

-What are your plans for the sport?

Primarily engage our existent community of players, create a safe environment with activities throughput the year, take care of our professionals and become a solid sport in Los Angeles, California and to the world.

-A little about my history

Daniel Wulff, born in San Felipe, Yaracuy, Venezuela in 1991.
I got into tennis when I was 6 years old when the National games were held at my small town, so they built a tennis facility.

Later on my parents got involved and started working for the tennis association of my state and actually brought the first junior itf tournament to my hometown (I got a wildcard lol)
Went to business school where I played in the tennis team and made it into the Junior Olympic Games Gwangju, South Korea 2015.

Miss my family every minute but my second family in venice beach, the paddle tennis community makes me keep going with a huge motivation