The Team Games will consist of the following events. A team Draw  followed by a Round Robin and culminating with a Single Elimination Tournament to be crowned the Winner of the Team Games. Each Captain/Team Owner will participate in the draw to build there team.

The Draw

  • Street paddle will assemble 5 pools of community players and a assign them one of the following categories:
    • Pro
    • A1
    • A2
    • A3
    • B
  • On Draft Day (July 24th at 7 p.m. location T.B.D.) the captains of each team will pick a number out of a hat. The Lowest number picks first.
    • The captains will take turns picking players for their team, one player at a time.
    • Each captain must pick 1 player from each pool.
    • Each team must have on female player.

Team Games Format 

  • There will be one round of  Round Robins followed by a Single Elimination Tournament.
  • Round Robin:
    • Each team will be assigned a team number (teams 1-12)
      • Team numbers will be drawn at the start of games.
    • There will be 3 groups of 4 teams.
    • Based on team number drawn – Each team will be assigned to a group and play the other three teams within their group in the following way:
    • Round Robin Format 
      • Group 1: Teams 1,2,3,4
        • 1 plays 2 while 3 plays 4
          1 plays 3 while 2 plays 4
          1 plays 4 while 2 plays 3
      • Group 2: Teams 5,6,7,8
        • 5 plays 6 while 7 plays 8
          5 plays 7 while 6 plays 8
          5 plays 8 while 6 plays 7
      • Group 3: Teams 9,10,11,12
        • 9 plays 10 while 11 plays 12
          9 plays 11 while 10 plays 12
          9 plays 12 while 10 plays 11
    •  The format of each match will be the following:
    • 1 Singles and 2 doubles tie-breakers.
      • Tie-breakers to 11 points win by 2.
      • All players must play once.
    • The captains will coin toss for who chooses the first match.
    • The winner of the coin toss can decide what the first match will be – they can choose any ranked player to play the opponent’s team same rank players. For example:
      • The coin toss winner can choose the first match to be a singles match between players ranked number 3 on each team.
      • The losing coin toss captain can choose the second match to be a Doubles match with players ranked 2 and 4 (since 3 already played singles).
      • In this scenario the final match will be a Doubles between players ranked 1 and 5.
    • Each player must play once.
  • Tournament –  Single Elimination
    • The 12 teams will be seeded in the tournament bracket based on performance.
      • The following criteria listed in order of importance will be used:
        • Matches won-loss deferential
        • Tie breakers won-loss deferential
        • Points win-loss deferential
        • Head to head if all other criteria is the same.
      • All Tournament matches will be Played the same way but each tie breaker will be to 15 win by two.