Gillian G! Schoenfeld

Gillian G! Schoenfeld a.k.a. G!

Division A2
DOB 1964-10-21
Hand Right handed
Height 5'2"
Bio 1. My husband Adam and I like to play tennis, so the paddle courts were intriguing when we discovered them after moving to Venice a couple years ago. Then of course we met our good friend and enthusiastic paddle tennis aficionado, Daniel Wulff and quickly got hooked!

2. I love racquet sports, it’s fun, social, competitive, a great workout, both physically and mentally challenging, and we get to play on the beach!

3. For me, its “beach paddle”! It’s so easy to pick up, whether you have a background in racquet sports or not, you can play at any age, and there’s always something more to learn about the sport.

4. I’d like to continue to improve my game, have fun, compete, welcome new players, and promote the sport.

5. I’m from Ohio (40 some years a native) but now live here in sunny Venice CA, I’m married to this incredible guy named Adam, and between us we have 4 super cool kids between the ages of 29 and 33, and two loving dog-children (the boys) and a beautiful Maine Coon kitty-girl. We love cooking and entertaining friends and family alike at home, enjoy traveling to visit friends and family and exploring new places. On weekdays, I do real estate staging in LA county. On weekends, if I’m not traveling, you’ll usually find me on the paddle courts at Venice Beach!