Christine Y Lee

Christine Y Lee a.k.a. CLee

Division Open
DOB 1970-01-10
Hand Right handed
Height Select
Bio How did I get introduced to the sport?
I’ve lived in Venice since 2000 but had never played paddle until Esmé Gregson, whom I’ve known since high school, kept insisting I try. In 2019 I finally got hooked and also volunteered with Leslie, Katrina, Mike Rogers, Sam Y, and Wulff to do a series of city tournaments to help keep our sport alive in the eyes of Venice Rec & Park. In doing so it’s also been fun to become more involved with local business and people who believe in supporting our community.

Why did you fall in love with the sport?
I had forgotten what it felt like to play competitively and since I had played tennis, soccer, and lacrosse in high school, that spirit to get better physically and mentally came back with a familiar vengeance. I love this sport when instinct and experience takes over - those moments are precious and addicting. I’ve also met some stellar people who are my closest friends - that is priceless.

Why Street Paddle?
Street Paddle is providing all of us a “reason to be.” Street Paddle is an ingenious way for our community to grow, independent from established tournaments and schedules dictated by organizations that are currently not focused on our sport, especially since the pandemic.

What are my plans for the sport?
With every match or even practice session I try to learn a little more about the game and about myself. I also hope our sport grows and more people get to experience playing a physical and truly exciting paddle sport, not like that other sport that begins with a “p.”

A little about my history?
Enough about me. I look forward to hearing about You and how paddle influences your life.