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Welcome to the Paddle Times

Issue #1

The Paddle Times is a blog about the best sport in the world – Paddle Tennis!

Already in just a week, so much has happened – Newly formed duo Andrea Carrano & Daniel Wulff have launched the first Street Paddle tournament of the year called the “Tour.” Check out the photos from the first monthly mixer in the Photo Gallery. Congrats to Calvin Page and his partner “Coach” Clay who won Jon Pardeon’s invitational round robin, The San Clemente Open (pictured above).

Like one’s game, this blog will be ever evolving – together, we’ll try different ideas and ways to engage you, the quintessential paddle player. Each issue there will be at least one new article that addresses a different aspect of the game. This Issue’s featured article addresses the Venice Court Fences – What’s being done about them and more.

Learn how “Point Equity” adds up in your game by Brian Wan, our resident pro.

Enjoy works of art inspired by the courts by Robin Antiga (the fences) & Leslie Martino (3 Penns & Peace paddle).

In future issues, we’ll meet all kinds of players and try to learn just what makes our community tick? We’ll ask the pros about ways to improve our game and post some matches because ESPN has not dedicated a channel to our beloved sport yet. We’ll address serious issues at play such as “bucket or no bucket – the generational divide.”

All of this is to say that anything goes at this point. If you would like to contribute articles, fiction pieces, suggest topics or submit photos or artwork – please do. I look forward to this new adventure with you. See you on the courts!

Christine Lee

Editor of The Paddle Times

Community Organizer @Pop_Paddle_Venice