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Issue #8

Players –

A few significant  holes on courts 1,2,& 3 have been patched with fence panels or maybe you didn’t notice because you were too busy playing?

This is just the beginning – thanks to our collaboration with Venice Recreation & Parks, Melody Valenzuela, Senior Recreation Director and Sonia Young-Jimenez, our Superintendent for Venice and West Region City of Los Angeles. We’ve asked that some of the bigger holes between courts be addressed as well. Our campaign to #Patch The Holes will begin next week.

Take a look at a few more awesome “stock images” that Robin Antiga has created.



We really hope these banners will be a fun exhibit of our community and a way to cover and patch the mismatched fencing and netting in the months before the city replaces and re-surfaces the courts.

And maybe the time spent playing and not chasing the balls will allow you to tune into other aspects of our sport –

In previous weeks we’ve focused on tips from some of our top players like Brian Wan and Larry Nagler. We’ve interviewed everyone’s favorite player, Mike “Chef” Payne, and profiled Michelle Greco, the top Women’s player who brings her experience from basketball at UCLA and WNBA to our courts. We’ve visited The Culver Courts to play with Romy Hightower. And what about the “diamond” of an article, “Which Court is Best?” If you love the Venice courts, this is a must read. Here’s a link to all the articles.

This week’s featured article by Esmé Gregson addresses a very different aspect of Paddle – TRASH TALK!

You know it when you hear it, especially when it’s yelled in the heat of the moment and it reverberates throughout all 11 courts. Learn some of the lingo heard on our courts.

That’s it for this week.

See you on the courts,