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Issue #9



We launch our #PatchTheHoles campaign  – an all community event featuring You. With your help, our courts will look a lot more interesting while keeping the balls in play. Less chasing, more playing!  We can’t wait to see all the energy and fun that you bring to our sport, exhibited on the fences of our beloved Venice courts.  Here is the Link:

If you are at the courts – You will  be able to see the patch you are buying and where it is located. Each patch has a tag with a QR code that you can scan. Simply find the patch# listed on the tag and buy that patch!

You can also buy a patch online. Just choose a court and see what holes need patching. We’ve tried to make it simple but if you have questions – don’t hesitate to send an email to or direct message on Instagram @thepaddletimes

If you would like to volunteer to help us #patch the holes – we could use your help. Just email us here.

Tomorrow Night

Mixer this Thursday night from 6-9PM at The Penmar, a restaurant and bar located at the local Penmar Golf Course. We will be guided through this evening by our very own Venice fave comedian and paddle player, Dennis Gubbins.  This mixer will also feature:

-a putting contest that begins at 6PM promptly (you had to have RSVP’d by now)

-Sip some delicious  Tequila 512.

-You will receive a raffle ticket with every tequila drink purchased and a chance to win a Stand Up Paddle Board worth $1600.

-Listen to talented yogi & paddle player, Dice, play ukulele and sing!

Buy a Banner to help us beautify our Venice courts while patching the holes!

-Meet new players and extended members of our community.

-Listen to our LIVE Band, The Sons of Venice, or the artists formerly knowns as The Paddle Heads. Andrea Carrano, Co-Head of Street Paddle, and his merry band of Valley guys will rock Penmar!

This Weekend

-Are you ready to PLAY SOME SINGLES? The 2nd Annual Street Paddle Singles Tournament is this weekend. Deadline to sign up for Men’s Open is closed but you can still sign up for Men’s A’s and Women’s singles until Thursday at the Mixer.

Come down to the Venice Courts to watch and support your favorite Men’s or Women’s players. Tune into Instagram @streetpaddle for live feeds. Or watch the Live Cam.

Hey by the way, did you happen to read last week’s article by Esmé Gregson called Trash Talk? What choice words did you hear this past week or during Round 3 of the Tour?

Thanks and look forward to seeing you all at the Mixer or on the Courts!



Photos of Edvard by Wulff; color by Leslie Martino

Trash Talk Art by Leslie Martino